Tuesday, July 29, 2014

New Blog

A few times a week I knit with people. It keeps me relatively sane. Next time I knit with people, gee it's late, er, early, but later today, I'm going to see if they will put in their name and what they are working on. I think it will be fun.

On days I don't knit with people, I'm usually knitting by myself. Or one of the other things that I do. I'll post that stuff, too. If I learn to do links, I'll try to link projects back to Ravelry.

Right now I have a few projects to choose from. A cabled cardigan, a pair of socks, and a pair of gloves. I just finished a big project and I'm a little depressed about it. What will I do?! What will I do?! The answer here is of course, pick up one of those other projects. Eventually this will lead to another finishing depression. I guess it just goes on and on, lol.

My big project was a fair isle doll cardigan with steeked sides in yarn I dyed. It was lace weight yarn and I used size 000 needles, because that's the smallest Addi lace points you can get. I'm not really willing to go to another brand to knit smaller.

And I'm reading Designing Sweaters in Plain English. About halfway through, but I skipped some parts. I intend to go back and read them. Eventually.


  1. Nice Idea!

    Today I'm finishing a worsted weight shrug. Its in hand dyed yarn from ChainChix and uses crossed drop stitches. Drop stitches are great for showing off that hand dye!

    And I'm reading A History of Hand Knitting by Richard Rutt. Its a slow read, which is why I'm cheating on that book with Undead and Unappreciated. :P

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    2. I just love having access to both of your knitting views again. I have really been missing that part of my life!!!!!!♡♡♡♡♡

  2. Hello Jenn! I don't know what I'm knitting today, maybe socks. Time to finish those. But there's no knitting passion with these.

    Plus I read a little Austen Persuasion last night. Maybe my favorite Austen novel!