Wednesday, July 30, 2014

No Knitting

No, I didn't knit today. I must be ill. Rather, my knitting is ill. The pink socks seem to be too small. See, I knit quite a bit of it before I realized they were too big. So I ripped and started again. Smaller. Too small. I haven't ripped the small socks yet. I just don't have the heart. Maybe my feet are swollen and they will fit tomorrow. Maybe.

I don't feel like knitting any other project AT ALL. Although I do have a pair of gloves that are almost finished. I'll take them to knit night tomorrow.

I have been reading Jane Austen. Persuasion. Love it. I can't simply put it down and knit, now can I?

Seriously, though, I need a lasting project, and I think the next thing is hand sewing. I've just about finished Hannah's sweater and she needs a dress and slip. I've already done the smocking and I've designed my patterns. I lost my blue fabric and had to dye another piece. Luckily it was a perfect match!

I am not going to work on my cardigan until I can afford to take the TKGA correspondence course on professional finishing. And I'm probably going to do masters one first.

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